A Reliable Cosmetic Contact Lens Supplier From China

In today’s society, when you open all kinds of social media, you can see countless girls wearing very fine make-up. Some of them are documenting and sharing their beauty, while others are teaching make-up online and have countless followers. If you watch their videos carefully you will see that cosmetic contact lens by cosmetic contact lens China supplier have become a part of a complete makeup look.

This means that contacts, as a special category of contact lenses with a wide array of colours, no longer only serve to optically correct a person’s vision, but also play a role in aesthetics and fashion. This trend is the same all over the world:Contacts have gone from being an accessory used by a few to a very common household make up item.

Suffice it to say, the potential of this market is huge. After the basic needs of food and clothing are no longer the pursuit of most people, beauty and personality have become the new consumer explosion.

Learn to recognise China pupil manufacturers

Established pupil companies are widening their clientele on this opportunity, and new pupil companies are looking forward to taking off. This has also led to confusion in the market, with an abundance of shady manufacturers producing poor quality products and selling them at high prices. For end consumers,buying substandard contacts not only wastes money, but also poses a serious threat to the health of your eyes.And for dealers, that means a collapse of reputation and word-of-mouth.

To get the right and safe contacts, you need to learn to examine the company itself also learn to identify the product.

How to purchase cosmetic contact lens of high standard

Choose your merchants carefully:

It is important to see if the merchant has sufficient sales qualifications; cosmetic contact lens are considered medical devices in China and require a Class III medical device business licence. At the same time, China prohibits individuals or sole traders from operating contacts, and selling contacts requires an enterprise business licence.

Choose your brand carefully:

Learn to evaluate manufacturers and factories. When choosing a brand, select a pupil product with a drug test registration number and an import number, which implies the approval of China’s State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), which can greatly reduce the risk of buying a counterfeit product.

Although Hexiu, from China has only been established for three short years, Hexiu has sufficient qualifications, the production of compliant high-quality products is our bottom line, only to ensure that there is no safety crisis, a company can be long-lasting renewal, there can be subsequent development.

Common material of cosmetic contact lens

Cosmetic contact lens are mainly divided into ordinary material, non-ionic material and silicone hydrogel material. At present, silicone hydrogel material is a new type of material, which greatly improves the applicability of contact lenses. Silicone hydrogel cosmetic contact lens, the unique structure greatly increases the oxygen permeability, so that the cornea can breathe oxygen freely, fundamentally avoiding the cornea lack of oxygen caused by redness, swelling, inflammation and other problems, and effectively improve corneal health.

With the launch of new cosmetic contact lens made of silicone hydrogel, the defects of traditional hydrogel contact in oxygen permeability, health and cleaning have been overcome one by one. The new contact lens made of silicone hydrogel has high oxygen permeability.

As an item that comes into contact with the eyes, Hexiu is also very strict in the selection of materials.

Attracting color design of cosmetic contact lens from China

 Of course, guaranteeing safety and quality is only the foundation of pupil manufacturing, in order to make customers satisfied and love, and generate the idea of buying or even repurchase, cosmetic contact lens must also be good-looking enough.

Hexiu’s products are rich in colours and innovative in design, and are popular among consumers.We not only have skilled production workers, but also a professional design team.Our design team keeps up with the market, focuses on the customer experience, and is committed to designing the most anticipated products in the market.