Soft Contact LensesCombine Comfort And Beauty

contact lenses are a necessity for many beauty-loving girls, especially for those who are nearsighted, contact lenses not only eliminate the trouble of wearing framed glasses, but also decorate the contact lenses. However, the comfort of the pupil has been plagued by users, pupil direct contact with the eyeball and daughter-in-law in the above, coupled with the moisture constantly evaporate in the air over time, wearing contact lenses is bound to be not a very comfortable thing.

However, contact lenses made of good materials, that is, soft contact lenses and highly oxygen permeable contact lenses, can minimise this discomfort.

So what kind of material makes a soft contact lenses? Hexiu,China leke to take all the buyers to unlock the secret,and get acknowledged with our soft contact lenses.

Common material of contact lens

 (1) Silicone Hydrogel

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are made of hydrogel with silicon added, which makes the lenses retain a higher degree and focuses mainly on the moisturising effect. Its oxygen permeability is 4~7 times higher than that of ordinary materials. This material can effectively reduce the lack of oxygen in the eyes, wear a little longer, will not feel very fatigue. Suitable for dry eyes and eye fatigue people. But this kind of pupil material cheat hard, softness is more general, your eyes are more sensitive, easy to have a foreign body sensation, then it is recommended to avoid.

(2) Hydrogel material

Hydrogel material, also known as ordinary material, is characterised by relatively high cost-effective, its usually high water content, so the lens is relatively soft, comfort can be, but the lens to see precipitation is not as good as non-ionic material, and oxygen permeability is limited, suitable for the eyes of the population with relatively healthy.

(3) Non-ionic material

Non-ionic material pupil is actually a kind of hydrogel material, adding a large number of NVP components on the hydrogel material is non-ionic material pupil, NVP components will make its lenses very thin and soft, and not easy to produce protein precipitation.

It is more suitable for those who have sensitive eyes, love redness, and feel a foreign body sensation after wearing contact lenses. At the same time, the service life of this kind of pupil is often relatively long, so wearing a little longer will not affect the comfort of the eyes.

Which soft contact lenses are best for me?

  Based on the above analysis, smart consumers should have understood that the material of the pupil is not distinguished by good or bad, but has different characteristics for different people.Soft contact lenses don’t always mean comfort for you.

  Those whose eyes are more prone to discomfort due to dryness are suitable for silicone hydrogel, and those whose eyes are prone to foreign body sensation are more suitable for negative ions. For the lucky consumers who have neither of the two troubles, choosing the cheaper hydrogel will suffice. However, whichever you choose, you should be careful to take it off in time, don’t wear it for too long, and pay attention to eye hygiene.

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