The Solution To The Hassle Of Picking Contacts: Try The New Customization Service!

Today on Chinese social media this quote is hot: “The eyes of the beloved are the world’s eighth ocean.” The saying is that love-filled eyes can express a very wide range of feelings, fascinating and contemplative. The saying is also true, if not from an emotional perspective, because a pair of eyes, though small in size, can display an infinite number of beautiful possibilities. This is the reason why contacts are so popular in this day and age.

A small piece of pupil on the integration of layered many, many kinds of colors, colour matching has unlimited possibilities, as long as the colour to do harmonious and appropriate contrast, a pair of excellent pupil can make the eyes of the beauty of the instant upgrade of many grades.

In addition to whether the design looks good or not, the material of the pupil is also an aspect that consumers must consider when shopping for pupils, because everyone’s eyes need different water content and oxygen permeability and so on. In addition, consumers with myopia need to buy contacts with optical correction. Therefore, customized contacts are a promising market.

Selecting contacts according to myopia

The cosmetic contact lens is divided into two kinds of flat pupil and degree pupil, flat pupil that is zero degree pupil, specifically to the eye vision health and only need to beautify the eye pupil of the crowd to wear, and degree pupil can meet the myopic people wear demand, and general contact lenses, can correct the vision, so that the vision is more clear.

At the same time, we need to pay special attention to is, due to the lens distance from the cornea has a different distance, pupil degree and frame degree is different, we need to through the scientific conversion in order to choose the real suitable for their own wear pupil.

General frame degree of myopia below 400 degrees can not be converted, directly choose the same degree of myopia with the frame as the pupil degree; if 400 degrees of myopia, you need to reduce the degree of different degrees, between 400-525 degrees are reduced by 25 degrees, the higher the degree, the higher the degree of conversion into contact lenses, the more the degree of the pupil degree of reduction!

Pick your contacts according to the material

Different materials will make a difference in wearing comfort. At present, the more common materials for cosmetic contact lens on the market include silicone hydrogel and hydrogel. From the point of view of the softness of their material, non-ionic > hydrogel > silicone hydrogel; from the point of view of moisture retention hydrogel > silicone hydrogel. When buying contacts, you should choose the material according to your needs.

Pick you ideal water content of lens

The water content of cosmetic contact lens is divided into three different grades according to EU CE, if the water content is above 60%, it is high water content lens, water content between 40% and 60% is medium water content lens, and water content within 40% is low water content lens. When purchasing contacts, we should take into account our usual habits of wearing contacts. If the water content is 40% or less, the lenses are hard and you may feel a foreign body sensation if you wear them with sensitive eyes. Water content between 40% and 60% is suitable for most people.

Pick you lens by wearing cycles

According to different wearing cycles, contacts can be divided into daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Among them, daily disposable is the most popular, because it can be used as you go, does not require care, and is the most comfortable to be discarded directly after use. Monthly and seasonal contacts are slightly less comfortable, but cost-effective. Yearly is the most affordable, and it is hard and easy to wear and remove.

Customized cosmetic contact lens from China

To sum up, choosing China cosmetic contact lens that are perfectly suited to you and in your favourite colour has to take into account a number of factors, and customised cosmetic contact lens can be a good solution to the consumer’s worries. HEXIU is the first-class level among Chinese manufacturers in this aspect, welcome to consult.