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Hexiu is the largest research and development enterprise oflarge-scale color contact lenses and contact lens care solutions in China. At the same time, it isalso a national high-tech enterprise and a provincial-level enterprise technology research anddevelopment center. The Reborncolor Factory was founded in 2007. The factory has passed the EtCE,ISO13485 quality management system certification, and the annual production capacityexceeds 120 million, the top mature production line is currently the top eight in the industry, witl46 technical patents

Products Customize Options

· Product Type: Contact Lenses, Lenses Case, Lens Care solution Liquid

· Lenses Usage Period: Daily, Monthly, Half year, Yearly

· Water Content: 38%, 40%, 43%, 55%

· Lens Diameter: 14.0mm, 14.2mm, 14.5mm, 22mm

· Main Materials: Hema/NVP, Silicone Hydrogel

· Color: Transparent, Natural tint color, cosplay patterns

· Package: Onestop perfect packaging design solution

· Cooperation type: Brand Agent, ODM, OEM

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Hot Products

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Our Services

Lens Pattern Design

Creative and delicate designs for various effect: vivid, natural, thematic.

Package Design

Eye catching, classic or fashionable, elegant or passionate.

Product Theme Design

Product stories and themes created to promote Brand reputation and image, bridging Brand and Users.

Marketing Promotion

Fascinating product images and advertising for promotion on flyers, websites, or brochure.

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