Yearly Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Yearly Cosmetic Contact Lenses provide lasting beauty experiences for those who pursue beauty, allowing everyone to express their personality and charm through a rich and diverse selection of colors and looks. However, proper wear and care methods are key to ensuring safety and effectiveness, and it is important to follow the instructions for use and consult an eye professional regularly. Let’s unleash endless beauty and fashion every day with Yearly Cosmetic Contact Lenses.

Advice and tips for wearing yearly cosmetic contact lenses

1.Two diameters of Yearly Cosmetic Contact Lenses:

Contact Lenses diameter, the diameter of the entire lens, including the transparent part of the lens without color.

Coloring diameter, Contact Lenses The dyeing diameter of the pattern is closely related to the effect of mydriatic enlargement. The same diameter of the lens, the color diameter will show different wearing effects.

Color iris <12.8mm in diameter, only change the pupil color Color diameter 12.8mm-13.0mm slightly dilated Lenses, natural color, suitable for the first time wearing Contact Lenses Color diameter 13.0mm-13.3mm natural enlarged eye Lenses, suitable for daily wear Contact Lenses with some amplification effect Color diameter 13.6mm-13.8mm dilation effect is obvious, suitable for people with larger eyes and more white eyes 2.Diameter of Yearly Cosmetic Contact Lenses: Small diameter :13.8-140mm suitable for small eyes, natural upper eyes Medium diameter :14.0-14.2mm suitable for most people to wear, slightly enlarge the eyes while natural daily Large diameter :14.2-14.5mm suitable for big eyes, the effect of magnifying the eyes is obvious, which can reduce the white of the eyes, but some of the pattern design is easy to appear exaggerated 3.Yearly Cosmetic Contact Lenses Base arc: Lens base arc > eyeball base arc may appear the eyeball and the lens do not fit, there will be a sliding phenomenon.

The lens base arc < the base arc of the eyeball will easily make the eyes feel too tight and uncomfortable, and there is a sense of bondage, which will affect eye health.

4.Yearly Cosmetic Contact Lenses Moisture content:

38%-43% low water content lens soft and hard moderate, good formability, suitable for sensitive dry eyes or wear for a long time.

43%-58% medium water content lens is soft, good oxygen permeability, suitable for people with short wearing time without dry eyes.

Are the eye drops the same as contact lenses

1.Contact Lenses Lubricant has long-lasting moisturizing effect, which can fix moisture on Contact Lenses, provide mild moisture for eyes without irritation for a long time, and have a good effect on relieving eye dryness caused by wearing Contact Lenses.

2.Eye drops are a kind of medicine for the appearance of diseases in the eyes, which has the effect of sterilization and inflammation and alleviation of diseases. Eye drops according to different eye diseases, divided into different types, with direct, rapid treatment and other effects.

Just wear contact lenses uncomfortable what happened

It may be the problem of the base arc (that is, the arc of the eye), the base arc is like the size of the eye to choose its own Contact Lenses according to the size of its base arc, otherwise it will produce uncomfortable symptoms such as slide and pain.

In general, wearing Contact Lenses for the first time may cause mild foreign body sensation, dryness, photophobia, short-term blurred myopia, magnification or reduction of vision and other phenomena. The above is a normal physiological reaction, after a period of adaptation, about 1-2 weeks will disappear naturally.

How are tears formed

Lacrimal fluid is a transparent, slightly milky, watery liquid secreted by lacrimal gland and conjunctival goblet cells. The main organic components of lacrimal fluid are proteins, including albumin, globulin, lysozyme, immunoglobulin lgA, lgG, lgE, etc. Whether the cornea is oxygen-permeable will affect the production of tears, and hypoxia will lead to reduced sensitivity of cornea perception, thereby reducing tear secretion. The oxygen required by the cornea mainly comes from the outside air, and the oxygen in the air can only be absorbed by the cornea if it is dissolved in the tears. Contact Lenses are worn on your eyes, and there is sufficient oxygen supply in the air. Every time you blink, the Contact Lenses will slide moderately. The blinking action has a draining effect on the tears between the Contact Lenses and the cornea, which can promote the circulation of tears, and tears can also carry oxygen.

The Annual Beauty Contact lenses offer a wide range of aesthetic options to meet personal preferences and desired looks. Whether you want a subtle enhancement or a bold transformation, these lenses are offered in a range of colors, patterns and designs to suit a variety of styles and occasions. From natural shades to vibrant and unique patterns, wearers can experiment with different looks that express their personal style.