Hot Selling Cosmetic Contact Lenses

What is Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses, commonly known as “cosmetic lenses“, are contact lenses used to decorate and change the color of the cornea. Coloring is done on the contact lenses to beautify and decorate the eyes. Contact Lenses are not cosmetics, but a kind of medical devices that must be strictly regulated like artificial heart valves and artificial kidneys. Because the contact lenses directly cover the surface of the cornea and are in close contact with the eye tissue, they are managed as a third class medical device in China.

Advice and tips for wearing Contact Lenses

1.The related hazards of inferior Contact Lenses

Normal Contact Lenses are “sandwich” structures, that is, two layers of transparent lenses sandwiched between a layer of dyed lenses. However, there are also some poor quality “Contact Lenses” that are dyed directly on the surface of the lens, so wearing for a long time may lead to eye tinting. Not only that, inferior “Contact Lenses” can easily lead to conjunctivitis, dry eye, keratitis, etc., and even affect the scope and clarity of vision at night.

2.Shopping precautions

When purchasing Contact Lenses, choose reputable brands and sales channels, avoid buying inferior products to protect the health and safety of your eyes, should be purchased from a medical device business factory with relevant business license, and check whether the purchased product has obtained a medical device registration certificate. Carefully check whether the product package has the medical device registration certificate number, the name of the manufacturer, the production date and other information, and properly save the purchase voucher.

Be sure to pay attention to the oxygen permeability of the lens. The higher the oxygen permeability value, the stronger the ability to deliver oxygen to the eyes. When buying Contact Lenses, you can refer to the recommendations of the International Association of Contact Lenses Educators: the oxygen permeability of the day can reach 24 (DK/t) or more; Monthly or annual casting reaches 87 (DK/t) or more.

3.Not recommended for long wear

Wearing Contact Lenses is equivalent to wearing a “mask” that is not breathable to the cornea. Doctors suggest that ordinary Contact Lenses are best worn within 6 to 8 hours, and cosmetic lenses are best worn for about 2 hours. If worn for a long time, it may cause eye complications.

Why are hot selling cosmetic contact lenses so popular

Contact Lenses can offer a quick and easy way to change your appearance. Simply wear Contact Lenses on your eyes to instantly change the color and appearance of your eyes, resulting in increased confidence and attractiveness. There are a wide range of Contact Lenses that can meet different people’s needs and styles. Whether you want natural and bright eyes or you want a bold and exaggerated look, you can find the right Contact Lenses for you. Contact Lenses are also widely used in entertainment activities, makeup and fashion shows, becoming a fashion trend symbol.

Hot Selling Cosmetic Contact Lenses became a popular beauty trend because Contact Lenses can quickly and easily change eye color and appearance, increasing confidence and attractiveness. Be careful in the choice and use of Contact Lenses, make sure to buy legal and safe products, and use and care for glasses properly. By choosing the right Contact Lenses for us, we can enhance our beauty and personal style and show our unique charm and personality.