What if my contact lenses are broken?

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Contact lenses are very thin and are most prone to breakage when cleaned. In the daily care of the lens, rubbing the finger is easy to cause the lens to break, and the nails are easy to leave scratches, so we try not to leave long nails, and carefully clean the nails and nails before each operation
When the contact lens is put into the double case, if it is not fully soaked in the care solution, or if the care solution is poured too much, it is easy to press the lens when the lid is screwed on and cause breakage. When you save the lens, be careful to fully soak the contact lens in the care solution, and do not let the lens float on the top. Contact lenses have a very high water content, and the lenses will become dry and brittle after losing water. If the contact lens is placed out of the care solution for too long, the water will evaporate, and in order to avoid the lens dry and cracked, we should wear the lens as soon as possible, if the delay is longer, you can first put back in the care solution soak for a while and then remove and wear again.
The use cycle of contact lenses is also equivalent to the shelf life of the lens, the texture of the contact lenses will change, it is easy to attach bacteria, we should replace the new lenses in time, so as to avoid the contact lenses broken during wearing and cause corneal damage.
If the newly purchased contact lenses are damaged, then you can contact the business in time to replace them, and carefully check the contact lenses before wearing them!

What should I do when wearing contact lenses with dry eyes?

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Wearing contact lenses will feel dry eyes may be the choice of water content is not suitable. High-water lenses may feel comfortable when first worn, but as the moisture evaporates, the contact lens absorbs tears to replenish the moisture, which can lead to dry eyes. In addition to the water content of this factor, if the care of contact lenses when cleaning is not thorough enough, residual protein precipitation blocked in the lens oxygen hole, will also cause corneal hypoxia, dry eyes and other problems, coupled with excessive eye habits, long-term may also cause corneal inflammation. When the eyes are slightly dry, you can use eye moisturizer or preservative-free artificial tears to relieve it, but you need to be careful not to use it too often. When necessary, you can also stop wearing contact lenses for a few days to allow the cornea to repair itself and relieve discomfort. If the indoor environment is relatively dry, you can also use a humidifier to improve the air humidity.

What does color contact lens care need to pay attention to?

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Because color contact lenses add a dyeing layer on the basis of ordinary contact lenses, which is used to print various patterns, it will affect the oxygen permeability of the lens, and it is more likely to cause the problem of corneal hypoxia. As we all know, the cornea is hypoxic for a long time, and the eyes are prone to ulcers, infections and other diseases, which will also stimulate the eyes to produce more sticky secretions. These substances precipitate on the lens, easy to block the oxygen penetration hole, and difficult to completely remove, so color contact lenses should pay more attention to cleaning care, to ensure that as far as possible to remove the residual protein precipitation of the lens.
When wearing colored contact lenses, pay attention to manicure your nails, avoid scratching your lenses or eyeballs, and pay attention to cleaning the cracks between your fingers when cleaning your hands. If you want to wear color contact lenses with makeup, you must remember to match the lens before makeup, and remove the lens before makeup, but also to avoid powder makeup products into the eyes to cause pollution makeup lovers in the purchase and use of color contact lenses, often do not use a single pair of lenses, but will be based on clothing, occasions, mood and so on. Then, when you do not wear a mirror, you must put the lens into the care solution to soak, and ensure that the care solution in the double box is replaced every two days to ensure the effect of sterilization. After taking out colored contact lenses that have not been worn for a long time, it is best to rub and rinse the lenses with a nursing solution before wearing them.
Double case, tweezers, care solution and so on are also necessary for color contact lenses, we must be fully equipped oh!

Daily care for contact lenses

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Contact lenses are divided into hard lens and soft lens, hard lens is more complicated to wear, need to professional eye hospital inspection and preparation. Hard mirror generally has a special nursing solution, can be purchased in the hospital with a mirror, hard mirror nursing solution and soft mirror nursing solution can not be confused nor mixed use mirror in the market is more common, but soft mirror and nursing solution are three types of medical devices, belonging to the unified supervision of the State Food and Drug Administration, need to hold the relevant qualifications to produce and sell.
The care of the lens is important because its work is more daily, that is, it must be cared for in time after each wear. After removing the lens from the eye, you can directly place the lens in the palm, drop an appropriate amount of care solution, and gently rub it with the finger belly of the right index finger. Because the edge of the lens is relatively thin, the direction of the finger should be from the center to the four sides, the positive and negative sides need to be rubbed for about 30 seconds, and then pick up the lens with small tweezers and wash the clean lens with the care solution, the clean lens should be put back in the double box, injected two-thirds of the care solution for immersion, at least 6 hours later to remove and wear. When the lens is not worn, the lens should be soaked in the care solution and stored, and the care solution in the double box should be replaced every two days to avoid affecting the disinfection effect. The double box should be cleaned and disinfected once a week, and dried naturally after washing with boiling water. It is best to replace a new pair of double boxes every three months.